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Gypsy Muzica for Dancing & Dreaming

by Romashka

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the brassy Balkan beats make you pound your feet, sexy string and accordion syncopations make your hips shake and the heart-twisting Russian tangos and tales of lost love make your spirit sigh and cry.


舊曲旋律* 以色列               

Zemer Nooge by Ofra Haza on Grooveshark


我為你痴迷* 以色列   

ani eshtagea by Mati Caspi & the Parvarim on Grooveshark

最愛  亞美尼亞

Yaman yar by Hayastani pari petakan ansambl on Grooveshark

年青的樹  以色列

Illan by Yaakov Shwekey on Grooveshark


無盡的愛  以色列

Od Lo Ahavti Dai by Ensemble on Grooveshark

以色列人 以色列

Israelit by Ilanit on Grooveshark